New Route 66 images…

27 Apr

Here are a few Route 66 images — the original graphic is taken from a postcard. I scan the postcards, take the scan into Photoshop and rearrange the pixels to create a new image of the old postcard.


Route 66 going through Clinton, Oklahoma - the 50s


Granite City Garage in Granite City, Illinois - on Route 66


Green Gable Camp on Route 66 in Hamel, Illinois



Gas Station in Springfield, Illinois on Route 66


Hispot Inn on Route 66 in St. Clair, Missouri


Toonerville Trading Post on Route 66 near Winona, Arizona


That’s my latest addition to the Route 66 Postcard Art collection — I think I’m up to around 200 images by now.  Eventually I’ll have a website ( and I’ll sell prints of these images.  Here’s my facebook link to my Route 66 art prints:


Home Depot is giving me more hours next week — only 9.5 this week, but up to 32 next week and 20 the week after.  So, so far, that seems to be working out OK.  Jo Anne (the HR lady) is giving me an excellent schedule – usually starting around 9 or 10 and staying no later than 8:00 PM.

That’s all for now..






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