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Money needed to take trip next year…

21 Jul

Based on rough figuring, I’ll need somewhere between $65 and $70 a day to pay for gas, campsites and food. Plus $30 a day into an emergency fund (auto repair and other expenses that may pop up). So, I’m figuring $100 a day needs to be showing up before I can depart in the vehicle that I don’t have yet.

As of today, I don’t have the vehicle and I don’t have $100 a day coming in.  Hmmm… well… whadaya think…  with eight months to go, many changes need to happen before the trip is possible.

There are some possibilities for me to earn money on the road.  So, that could happen — playing the piano, selling some products… that sort of thing.

I may have a car lined up… not sure yet.  Then, if that shows up and I can assemble even $1000, I think I’ll just take off and see what happens — I could last for at least 10-14 days. Then if it’s not working, I’ll just turn around and head back to the pad (I think Sylvia would bail me out…).

I have a lot of friends and relatives along my proposed route and I have some skills that could yield a few bob… so, all is not lost — yet.

All for now…

See ya