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Back from London…

17 Sep

Photo above is of our eldest daughter Pauline and her husband Peter with their daughter Nicole who started kindergarten last week. They live in Chislehurst, a small town in Kent — about a twenty-minute train ride south of London.


(This was written last Wednesday night)

Three weeks already — it’s goin by in a hurry.  Sylvia will be leaving London in a few hours after an event-filled three weeks visiting with family and friends. She’s due back tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 6:00 — then a little sack time and up at 5:00 to head out for a swim at the Y.

Then back to her routine — I expect she’ll be doing some hiking over the next couple weeks to quickly get ready for another Mt. Whitney attempt on the 29th.  No events planned for October except her 72nd birthday on the 9th.  She might do a long bike ride in November and a short triathlon in December.


So, back to work tomorrow – her part-time job for an attorney in Rancho Bernardo.  Then Sylvia and the Mt. Whitney team will be climbing Mt. Baldy next weekend (officially known as Mt. San Antonio) — that’s 10,000 feet, so it’s a step in the right direction since the following week they’ll go up Mt. Whitney, which is very close to 15,000 feet. I’ll also be climbing next weekend, but not that kind of altitude.  I’ll be going up about twelve stairs to our storage attic. I have to make some room in the garage for my woodworking tools and tables.

My two YouTube jazz piano exercise videos are now at over 55,000 views — that’s a lotta views. I’ll be selling downloads of my exercises from the new website,, but, it’s not finished yet. The graphics are all done, so I’m getting close. I don’t know why it takes me so long to get things done — it must be related to all the goofing off I do, although the goofing off time will have to come to an end… real soon.  Why?  Actually, I can’t reveal the answer to that question in detail until January 1 of next year — but, I have to get ready for a new business that will be related to what I’ve been doing for the last fifty-eight years — the sign-making activities, not the piano playing part.

By the way, I hope you will pardon me while I write about our family and my life – I’m actually using this vehicle to write my autobiography.  Since I have no writing experience other than writing emails, I don’t know how to tackle a book.  But, this format allows me to write down little bits and pieces every so often. Then at some point, I’ll just put everything together in one place and I’ll have the book.

That’s it for now — more later…