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Whitney climb #2

3 Oct

Sylvia returned yesterday evening from a weekend of climbing.  She’s in the back row on the right.  To her right is her niece Sandra Smullen, also of Dublin, Ireland. The leader of the group, John Adler, took the photo.  She said this climb was much easier (although it’s not easy) than her first time — last September.  She knew what to expect and therefore her stress levels were much lower.  The weather was perfect, although very cold.

So… what’s next?  A possible triathlon in December — I don’t know the details yet. The next significant event would be the Solvang Century — 100-mile bike ride in Solvang, California.  Not only 100 miles on the bike, but also 5000 feet of climbing… that’s a lot of climbing.  Plans aren’t firm yet, but she has done this ride many times and enjoys the scenery.

Getting back to October — she’ll be 72 on the 9th and I will be publishing a photo of her on her 21st birthday in Dublin.  Then on the 25th she will take off for two weeks in Ellicott City, Maryland to spend some time with our daughter Angela and family.  I’ll be picking her up at the San Diego airport on November 7th, the day after the election.  As I drive down to San Diego (we’re about 30 miles north of the airport), I’ll be in a good mood, or a poor mood… depending on the election outcome.

Half the country will be happy with the result and the other half will be depressed (except for the people who are not interested in politics).  I’ve always been interested in politics… not nuts about it, but some degree of interest.  When I was twelve (1952), I saw President Eisenhower being sworn in on our brand new black & white television set.  He was very popular… the catchy slogan was “I Like IKE”… he was well-liked by a lot of people.

If you’re curious about Sylvia’s mountain climbing history, go to our new website — then click on “about us”… she has done several high mountains in southern California over the last couple years.

That’s it for now – here’s an article from about 20 years ago…


Article in San Diego Magazine


As President of the Sylvia Bresnik Fan Club, I’ll be posting articles and photos of her various accomplishments over the years.  Here’s an interesting one… in the late 60s we bought a one-horsepower wheat grinder.  We used to buy bags of red hard winter wheat from a local Mormon supply place — then Sylvia would grind her wheat and make bread almost every day.  This is just one little thing she did to give our kids good nutrition — they’re all in good health today and general health has a lot t0 do with nutrition in the early years.


All for now…