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From “new” kitchen to new car…

30 Dec

Here’s something NOT to do in the month of December as we approach the Christmas holiday — paint the kitchen cabinets. What a bloody mess… every drawer and cabinet emptied out — all the drawers out and all the cabinet doors off. We are covering a fairly dark lacquered stain with white. Water-based paint doesn’t want to cover lacquer so the whole thing had to be de-greased, sanded and then two coats of white primer applied. Then the semi-gloss finish coat.  We’re about three-quarters done. Finish painting tomorrow and then re-assemble everything on Saturday. Then, once again, peace and quiet at the Bresnik household, although we’ll be busy next week getting the house cleaned up for the kids coming next weekend.

What not to do in December...

What not to do in December…


Angela and family will be arriving from Ellicott City, Maryland on the 23rd and Johnny and family will be coming in from Brooklyn on the 24th… a full house, once again.  We moved to this house when Angie was seven and Johnny was eleven. So, this is familiar territory for them.


Today is Dec 29th — just want to update things before we head into the new year. Yes, believe it or not, the kitchen got done. I still have a few things to  finish up with – for instance I’ll be taking the hinges off, stripping the paint, spraying with clear and putting them back in place. Painting hinges doesn’t really work.  At any rate here are a couple photos of the finished job:

Sylvia at work in the "new" kitchen - Dec 2012

Sylvia at work in the “new” kitchen – Dec 2012

the other side...

the other side…


We got this kitchen done about a week before the kids arrived, so it was not a last minute panic thing.

Angie and family arrived from Ellicott City, Maryland last Sunday. Then Johnny and family arrived from Brooklyn last Monday, Christmas Eve.  Then on Christmas Day — BIG Christmas dinner … Sylvia and I and four of our five kids; all their kids; Sylvia’s niece Sandra and her partner Cathi, plus two of Sylvia’s hiking buddies and their son. And, to add to the excitement (or confusion) we also had Bella’s (daughter of John and Mai) toy fox terrier running around the place.  Sylvia put a great meal together and our son Rob carved the turkey. A good time was had by all.

The most substantial and surprising gift was a brand new 2012 Honda Fit given to Sylvia by our daughter Angela and her very generous husband Majid.  He is one of those rare guys who does it all — great father, great husband and super-great son-in-law.  He’s also a fitness enthusiast and works as an MD near Ellicott City, Maryland.  Very impressive guy.

Here’s a photo of Sylvia on her way to town the day after she got the keys to her new car…

Sylvia taking off with her NEW car... exciting...

Sylvia taking off with her NEW car… exciting…

This is a very significant event in that it frees Sylvia from any transportation concerns for at least the next ten years — Majid bought a maintenance contract that will cover any and all repairs for many years (can’t remember how many at the moment).  So, that’s a big load off her mind.  She’s going to loan me her VW for now — I need something to drive and it’s still a great car.

Johnny took off from Montgomery Field in San Diego this afternoon for a short one-hour flight around San Diego. He’s been a licensed pilot for just a few months. We’re happy for him because there’s nothing like finding something you love to do and then having the time and money to do it.

Steve has been in the recording studio all week – he booked five 10-hour days with a local studio – He writes his own material, sings, plays guitar and bass and hired a professional drummer for this album. Tomorrow is the final day to do the fine tuning of all the work he has done this week. I’ll help him produce a promo package and then he’ll have the potential to get into the music business. As the old song goes “This Could be the Start of Something Big”… it could be.

That’s about it for this year — 2012 — about ready to bite the dust. It was a good year… thanks be to God, no major problems.

I’m curious to see what unfolds next year — I think there will be some traveling for starters. And, I think Steve’s music career will get under way.  Pauline and her daughter Nicole will be visiting for five weeks beginning in July. Perhaps Sylvia and I will do some car camping at some point now that we have dependable transportation. I think my online piano teaching business will get off the ground.  Yes, I’m expecting another interesting year ahead. My motto for year will be “New Routine in 2013.”

Part of the “new routine” will be to use the excellent gift that Pauline and Peter gave me: the “Indian Clubs” — In addition to the rope exercises I do, I’ll be adding this routine. That plus some bike riding and some work with kettlebells. Planning to get into good shape this year.

That’s it for now…