27 AUG 64 – 49 years ago…

26 Aug
Today, August 27th, marks 49 years since leaving the Army.  Three great years — I would say the most interesting 3-year span of my life. I enjoyed the military (should have stayed in), traveled all over Europe, played about 400 “gigs” as a cymbal player and piano player in the band (from small groups to big band) and I met Sylvia, which was my most significant meeting of the last 73 years.
In those days they were drafting young guys and were sending them to South Korea from our area. I did not want to go to Korea, so as soon as my student deferment expired I enlisted rather than waiting to be drafted. Also in those days, if you signed up you could choose your “theater” — a general location. So I signed up for three years in the European Theater and was sent to the 3rd Armored Division in Frankfurt, West Germany. A year later I transferred to the 24th Infantry Division Band in Augsburg, West Germany.
August 27th, 1964 — the end of a very special era. August 28th, 1964 – the beginning of 49 fantastic years. My future looks good — I look forward to every day and I try to make the best of every day, although some days are not so hot. But, hot or not, they are days that I am here… that in itself is a major blessing (considering two heart attacks, triple bypass surgery and three stents).  Yes, God is good and Jesus is fantastic…!
JB-augsburg-1964-for site
Playing piano with the band in Augsburg – 1964

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