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Where did 2015 go?

15 Jan

Can’t believe it… nothing written down for 2015.

Yes, I’m still here — 75 now — I’ll be 76 in April. I saw my new cardiologist (actually he’s not “my” doctor — that term bugs me). Anyhow, the doctor I was seeing retired and Dr. Acheatel was my choice to replace him. I chose him because he’s old — almost 70. By the time doctors have decades of experience they usually enjoy their work and they know how to communicate effectively. Also, according to his bio he went to UCLA. I went to UCLA as well — to use their main library. I didn’t have the grades so I went to Santa Monica City College for two and a half years and then transferred to ASU.

Anyhow, it turns out that Dr. Acheatel and I have some things in common. We’re both in the older set, we’re both left-handed, we were both born and raised in LA. He lived in Beverly Hills and went to Beverly Hills High and I lived in the Palisades and went to Uni High (University High School in West LA). So, aside from the fact that he’s a doctor and I’m an ex-sign painter, we have quite a bit in common which is helpful for communication. There’s an instant emotional connection because of our similar upbringing.

He said my EKG was very good — there was no sign that I have had two heart attacks. Very interesting. My blood pressure is too high (160/80) but he didn’t insist that I take medication for it. All he said was that the meds would open up the arteries and veins so there would be less pressure on the walls.  He’s not a pill pusher — it’s up to me. I’m not a pill-taker, but in this case I think I’ll take some of those pills for a while — while I’m making an effort to lower it naturally.  So, I asked for the pills. The reason I’m going to do that is that a lady Sylvia knows died in her sleep at 75 and the culprit was high blood pressure. She refused to take the pills. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, so I’ll take them for now. I’d like to hang out here for a little while longer, if possible. My Dad made it to 81 and his Mom got to 88, so I hope to at least make to 81 so I can come up to Dad’s example.

The main reason I’m starting to post here once again is that I heard about “Throwback Thursday” from the marketing guy I’m working with and that sounds like a great idea. If you’re not familiar with the term here’s the definition from Wikipedia: Throwback Thursday is a trend among social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook wherein users post or repost older photographs (often from their childhood) with the hashtag#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT.

So, here’s my post. I know this week’s Thursday is no longer with us, but here’s my post anyway:

We moved to the Palisades when I was eight (1948). At that time this was the only large building in town and we called it “The Center.” That’s where we (kids in the neighborhood) would go to read comics at the drugstore. And, we could buy root beer floats, cherry phosphates, cherry cokes (my favorite was a chocolate coke – a coke with a squirt of chocolate syrup… yummy!)… all made to order by a real Soda Jerk. Also, the bank was there (left) and the grocery store and other stores. 

palisades - sunset and swarthmore

The plan is to write something every week… maybe an update of the current scene or my latest plans (!) and include the ThrowbackThursday image for the week.

All for now,