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New website

14 Aug

On vacation in Maryland

I arrived in Ellicott City, Maryland two weeks ago to spend some time with one of my daughters (Angela) and her family. I’ll spend another week here and then go to Brooklyn for a two-week visit with son John and his family. One of the things I like about this part of the world is the thunder, lightning and rain they get during the summer. In Escondido there is no such thing as rain during the summer — just heat. But, we don’t get humidity with our heat. So, there’s something to be said for dry heat — it’s much more comfortable than humid heat.

I’m just taking it easy and enjoying this good weather. So far, it hasn’t been very hot, but Angie said it’s very unusual. It’s usually much hotter at this time of year. I’ve been to a couple soccer matches to watch their son play. He’s eleven and is a good soccer player like his Mom was. She was outstanding in her youth and her son is beginning to play like she did. Of course, he has her instruction which is very helpful.

Next weekend the family will travel to London to spend ten days with my daughter Pauline and her family. They live about twenty minutes south of London in Chislehurst ( That should be a fun trip for them all. There is plenty to do in London and the surrounding areas. Then back from London and off to school. Their daughter Julia (14) starts high school and son Eli starts middle school.

 New website

After posting many photos on Facebook over the last two years I have finally published a website. Angela was a professional graphic designer for many years with a couple big print shops here in the area. She is still designing for people on a part-time basis. So, she applied her skills to my request for a website and came up with this one: Here are some sample images from the site:







Four months since the accident

This coming Wednesday, August 16th, will mark four months since Sylvia fell off her bike while descending the Lawrence Welk hill north of Escondido. According to the neurologist she died within two hours after the fall, but she was not declared brain dead until the next day. So, officially she died on the 17th. She wanted to donate her organs so I’m assuming they kept her body alive until the medical people could be notified and brought in (one from LA and another from Phoenix). Due to her excellent health at age 76 she was able to donate both kidneys and her liver.

We’re all gradually adjusting to this terrible turn of events. It’s going to take a long time get used to this strange state of affairs. I knew her since I was 23 years old — that was a long time ago. At age 77, I have to start over. I’m not sure exactly what to do yet. But, I am planning to take a long car trip starting next March the 17th. I expect to travel around the country visiting family and friends. But, that trip depends on a few things… mainly the state of my health.

Back to Escondido on September 3rd

I’ll be flying out of New Jersey in the afternoon and then back to Escondido by 10:00 pm. Steve and Marci are taking care of the house while I’m gone, but after five weeks away I’ll probably have a few bits and pieces to tidy up. I’ll need some income now since Sylvia’s income stopped. So, I’m planning to go back into the screen printing business. Also, I hope to get some sales of these photos. And, I might try driving for Lyft. I might be a little old to start that, but I love to drive and I have an excellent driving record. I could probably drive 10-12 hours a week without any problem. We shall see what we shall see.


Until next time…