The Sylvia Bresnik ROUTE 66 Memorial Tribute road trip: April 30 to June 9, 2018

2 Jun


On August the 10th of 1963 I met Sylvia in the snack bar on the Army base in Augsburg, Germany where I was stationed as a member of the 24th Infantry Division Band. I was their piano player (in the dance band) and cymbal player in the marching band. We fell in love and got married in June of 1965. We had five children from 1966-1977. She became a triathlete in the early 80s and she did triathlons, marathons and century bike rides until her fatal bike accident in April of 2017. 52 years of enjoyment with this wonderful lady. Life for me will never be the same – she was my world. And, when your world goes away there isn’t much left. But, our children still have me — a poor substitute for their Mom, but a substitute, nevertheless.

June 2nd – I’ve been on the road for almost five weeks. I left Route 66 a while back and went up to the Des Moines area to see old friend Steve Scott and his wife Lee. After a few days I left for Moline, Illinois to see eldest granddaughter Skyler and her mom Sandra. Then back to Route 66 in Springfield, IL. Today I’m in Amarillo, Texas and tomorrow Gallup, New Mexico. Next Saturday I’ll roll into Escondido to complete a 40 day and 40 night journey dedicated to the memory of my beautiful Sylvia. As Kathy Hammill said, “No one and nothing will replace your beautiful Sylvia.”





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