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New neighbor…

6 Jun

After living in Hawaii for fifteen years, my younger and only sister Nancy has purchased a nice home here in Escondido.  She sold her house in Pacific Palisades fifteen years ago to move to Hawaii and has now decided to come back to California.

She arrived on October 9th of last year and began to settle in with her boyfriend of 17 years. His name was Patrick Davis (yes, I said was). He didn’t believe in doctors, even though his dad was a cardiologist in Santa Monica. He hadn’t seen a doctor for at least ten years and he didn’t know he had CAD (coronary artery disease). In Hawaii he worked in construction, so he was in fairly good shape. He also did a lot of landscape maintenance.

So this past January 25th he was working in our yard removing the roots of some Oleander bushes that had died from a disease of some kind. He didn’t complain and seemed to be able for the work. But, he wasn’t his normal jolly self. So, he left around 2:00.  When he arrived home he told Nancy that he wasn’t feeling very well and was going to lie down for a while.  She went in to check on him later in the afternoon and noticed that he wasn’t breathing. She called 911 and they tried everything, but nothing worked.  So, I got her call around 5:00… “Patrick’s dead.”  Boy, that was  shocker. The guy’s workin’ in your yard, then goes home and dies.  That was a real shocker. He was 64.

So, Nancy’s alone now. She was looking forward to many years with Patrick here in Escondido, but it’s not going to happen. She still can’t believe that he’s gone.





I ran across a photo the other day that was taken in September of 2012 by Sylvia’s niece Sandra Smullen, who also lives in Escondido. This is a very unique photograph:


Sylvia on the right and the John Adler Mt Whitney Team – September 2012


That’s Sylvia on the right and Mt Whitney is directly above her head and slightly to the right. The day after this photo was taken they began their journey under the direction of team leader John Adler (third from the left). He has been to the summit fifteen times and is very qualified to take people to the top. This was Sylvia’s second time to summit Whitney. Her first time was in 2011 with John Adler leading the team


The latest interesting development has been our son John becoming a licensed pilot with an instrument rating. He’s a programmer in NYC and lives with his family in Brooklyn. He and his family will be here later this month and we’re going to fly up to Santa Monica to visit with my cousin Randy. He was a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam and then worked for the LA County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team until his retirement about ten years ago. His son Randy is with NASA in Houston as an astronaut.  Here’s a shot of Johnny and his mom at a small airport near our daughter Angela’s home in Ellicott City, Maryland.


Johnny-sylv-front of plane-nearBaltimoreMD-apr 19-2014

Johnny and his Mom in front of his plane – near Ellicott City, Maryland – April 19, 2014


I’ll be picking Sylvia up at the airport tomorrow night – she’s arriving from London after almost three weeks with our daughter Pauline, her husband Peter and their daughter Nicole. Then we’ll have about three weeks to get things ready for visitors. Johnny and family coming in on the 27th and then Angela and family arriving a few days later. Then in July, Pauline and Nicole will be coming for five weeks to soak up some sunshine.

So, all for now.