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Off to London… again

29 Nov

Sylvia’s in London with Pauline and family. She’ll be back on Sunday, April 19th of 2015 in time to celebrate my 75th birthday on April 20th. April 19th?  Are you kidding?  What’s with the long stay in London?  It’s a long story, but the bottom line is that she’s there to help Pauline with something she asked her mom to do. We’re all good with it – to the untrained eye it may seem a bit strange, but we’re comfortable with the arrangement. It’s not ideal, but what is?  And, there is historical precedent. Six years ago we did the same thing. It takes some getting used to, but we all adjust to whatever needs to be done.

Sylvia’s helping Pauline with Nicole’s school arrangement and she’s getting a good rest at the same time. She tends to work very hard here – exercise daily for an hour and four hours on Sunday, part-time job (24 hrs a week) and a very busy social life. She goes all out seven days a week and then she’ll take a sabbatical every so often. This is one of them – the last one was in 2008-2009 for seven months. Sabbaticals are very important for emotional and physical health. The one before that was in 1980 when we moved to Dublin – all seven of us. We rented our house, spent a year in Dublin and then came back ready for the grind once again. Here’s some good info on the subject:

http://www.thesabbaticalcoach.com/html/sabbatical_intentions.html.  I’m about ready for one myself. I just have to wait until my website is bringing some decent money in the door.

Website?  What website?  It took me over two years to get everything done for the new site. I had to write a book – that took a few months. Then I needed videos – 40 videos. That took a while. A friend of mine shot the video and did all the editing for free. Can you believe that?  In my book she is an Angel from Heaven – who would do something like that other than an angel?  When I start making money she’s going to get a good chunk of it. Without her unselfishness I wouldn’t have this website in place.

Also I had to hire a copyist to write out all my exercises. I can barely read music and my writing skills are at the kindergarten level. So a guy I had worked with many years ago came to mind and he has written out thirty-one of my exercises and short “licks” as they call them. Then I had to assemble photos from the past. Finally, the website had to get done somehow. I’ve done some graphic design over the years, but putting a website together is a little more complicated.  It so happened that our daughter Pauline had been creating some websites for people as a part-time venture.  She uses wix.com which is a very friendly program.  But, it’s still pretty tricky. So we worked together on it and came up with what you see today at http://www.johnbresnik.com.

The book isn’t done yet, but it’ll be done by January 1, 2015.  Then the promotion starts. Even without promotion I have already sold some products. Most of the inquiries will no doubt come from my YouTube videos which now have over 118,000 views.  So, I’m expecting some success with this project. Here’s the book cover:

New book available as download or hard copy.

New book available as download or hard copy.

That’s about it for now.